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Sun Exposure, Advantages And Disadvantages

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Sun Exposure, Advantages And Disadvantages

Sun exposure

sunSun exposure is essential for healthy skin and bones. Learn what exactly the advantages and disadvantages of sun exposure.

Earth and sun is a gift of the Creator which is useful for human life. The sun even though its existence far away from where we are, but have a tremendous benefit to support our health in general. All the natural resources we can get for free and whenever we get it.

The sun as a source of geothermal have tremendous benefits for our bodies, but the sun can also cause harm if we are not able to process it. Without the sun likelihood man can not live on this earth. So the sun can also be referred to as the source of human life.

Regardless of the light emitted by the sun through the morning, afternoon, and evening will bring benefits to mankind. But if we do not know how to process sunlight, will certainly bring losses and the effect on human health.

Advantages of sun exposure

As the source of life course sun has a huge benefit. Through the beam, the sun is able to transmit the signal to be captured by our bodies. Vitamin D is useful for human bone growth is channeled only by sunlight.

But in reality, not all sunlight can be used as a source of vitamin D. Apparently vitamin D is only available in the morning only. So you only need the sun rays in the morning. Exposure to the sun is very useful at about six in the morning until seven in the morning. So make sure you get the morning sun each day.

Disadvantages of sun exposure

Besides having the advantage, it can also lead to sun damage so great on our bodies, especially the health of your skin. Useful sunlight in the morning but in the afternoon can threaten the health of your skin.

Afternoon sun emits ultraviolet rays that can affect the color of our skin. So if you often receive sunlight during the day, then it can cause your skin color becomes dark and burn.

Besides being able to burn the skin, it turns out the sun during the day can also lead to skin cancer. So you have to be careful of the afternoon sun. But if you have to take it for a specific reason, then you should use protection to minimize the effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun.


By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the sun, it is expected that you can use sunlight to suit your needs. Hopefully useful.

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